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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 3, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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. this is going to be tough. cubs win the race. >> the chicago cubs win their first world series t than a century. >> the candidates mad dash, five days to go. hillary clinton looking to put arizona in the blue column, while donald trump works to shore florida. >> now for the first time, we have a real chance to turn this state blue again. >> we're going to be nice and cool, nice and cool. stay on point, donald, stay on point. >> plus the latest on that
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suspect. it was a night of political statements at the year's cma award. "early today" starts right now. >> good morning, i'm ayman mohyeldin. >> i'm frances rivera. it was the best night ever, the chicago world cubs are world champions. fittingly the game went into extra in the end, the cubs were able to end the curse. >> it's wet out here, the longest games ever. it's one of the best games anybody will see. the trumps everything. i'm so happy. i can't put into word how this feels. >> chicago it happened. we did it. we're world champions. we're world champions. i can't believe this.
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don't know, i don't have word to tell you how i feel about this i think it's all surreal, and, man, it's a great feeling. >> nbc's jay gray joins us outside chicago's wrigley field, jay, i can hear the people behind you, i can imagine they are still up ripping it up this morning. >> good morning, frances, ayman. you hear the game ran extra innings. thar extra innings. take a look at what's going on now, heavy police presence in wrigley feel. they brought out three sleepers to play and clean the mess but maybe move the crowd along a little as well. still, there are people trickling in here and there, there were tens of thousands in this area overnight and now what we have are the police, they're
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the side streets here. like i said, a lot of people are making their way in, despite the street presence, despite the street sweeper, despite blocking the roadway itself off here. it is a celebration befitting that hasn't seen this championship in more than a century. it's going to continue going, i think a lot of people won't make it into work a little later this morning, chicago. next couple of days, with the parade and all the festivities going on. turning now to the presidential race, even the world series can't break through all the noise, baseball fans were inundated with ads from hillary clinton and trump. we are now five days away from election day. what has been a tight presidential race, strump spending another day in his do
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for states in arizona. >> close to of you out there on the phones for me, canvassing for me, talking to your friends and your co-workers, you know what an important choice this is and you have six days to convince everybody you can talk to to get out and vote. >> but i'm a messenger. i'm a messenger, when we win on november th, we are going washington, d.c. and we are going to drain the swamp! >> now, those comments came as the trump team announced a massive $100,000 fundraising haul for the month of november. for trump, his inner conflict was on full display. he audibly told himself to remain on message while going after nbc's own katy tur.
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it's feeling like it, already, isn't it? we got to be nice and cool, nice and cool. stay on point, donald, stay on point. no side track style. nice and easy, nice. we have two more today in florida and we have massive crowds. there's something happening. they're not reporting it, katy, you are fought reporting it, katy, there is happening, katy. there is something happening, katy. >> and hashtag i'm with tur took off with support from all corners of the web. new polls in florida are giving clinton a razor thin lead there. she is beating him by one point from a four-point lead weeks ago. as the race tightens in north
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to 3 point. in north carolina, president obama worked the votes there. >> if you don't vote, then you have didn't the worse of those who would suppress your vote without having to lift a finger. come on, i am not on the ballot, but i tell you what, fairs? on the bal lot. decency is on the ballot. justice is our democracy is on the ballot right now. >> and for the first time, the president spoke out on the latest e-mail controversy, taking a swipe at the fbi director's timing. >> i do think that there is a novp r norm that whether investigation, we don't operate on innuendo. we don't operate on incomplete
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>> just days vitrola is out. clinton said, quote the perpetrators who set the hopewell m.b. church in mississippi on fire must be brought to justice. mu >> flu details on the suspect believed to have killed two police officers in an ambush-style attack. they said 46-year-old scott michael green has a history of
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determine what exactly set him off. nbc's james mccoy has more. >> reporter: with guns drawn, officers canvassed the iowa neighborhood where two of their own had just been ambushed, fearing they could become the next target. >> officers shot, paramedics. >> reporter: it was 1:2w450i67b answered a call of officers shot, they found a rookie officer, this was his first year two miles away, des moines sergeant tony beminio died in his car. a father and husband. >> they didn't have a chance to defend themselves. >> police moved quickly. green turned himself in, he is well known in the area.
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holding a confederate flag. >> you grabbed me. >> reporter: green lives here with his mother, who neighbors say was trying to evict him. >> you never would have guessed it would have come to this, that he was that unsettled. >> reporter: this year, nationwide, 115 officers have been killed in the lean of duties. a five-year high. 16 ambush-style attack, for those that knew these officers, job. it was senseless. still ahead as iraqi forces retake mosul the leader of isis breaks his silence. >> first, meteorologist bill karins, you were right about the weather for the world series. >> they did get it in, though. >> that same rate briefly delayed the game. all areas, especially of northern and central new england have to deal with the race. here's the timing of it. the lunch hour, heavy rain, in
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time we get to everyone is headed home from school or work today the heavy rain will be moving out of this region. it looks like a brief shower, not a lot of rain. most of the heavy stuff will be in new york. here's a closer look at your day ahead t. rain is obviously cooling things off. temperatures returning to where they normally should be. in the southeast, another record highs, possible, mississippi, the heat in the southeast doesn't want to break, you guys. >> could i say i was right yesterday? i had the chicago cubs. >> you were right by so much. >> at least you got the weather right, bill, that's a good start. >> oh, all that in the early day ahead. still ahead, tension boil over, over the access
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>> welcome back. everyone. al baghdadi merges with forces to enter mosul. he called on supporters to spread attacks to other countries, stressing confidence isis will win the battle for mosul. they have not ordered the authenticity of that state. matt. good to have you with us. what is the timing of this statement mean? >> reporter: well, ayman, good morning, it's clearly meant to rally the troops in the face of overwhelming opposition in the city of mosul, which is about an hour west of where i'm standing right now. here in irbil. of course, they're saying, baghdadi is making the exact kind of argument that he really
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a stalwart of overwhelming force, fight to the death. don't retreat. he is saying he pulled the line. he is salting this statement with all kind of foreign rhetoric, the kind we got used to hearing from isis. this kind of bombastic statement aimed at claiming kinship between these current models and mohammed led in early islam. he is saying things like turn the infidel's night into day. make the rivers flow w blood. decimate their territory t. kind of rhetoric we got used to hearing from isis. he is asking the elements fall away from here in iraq and syria. reenergize their areas. we have to look further away to see whether this message reaches its intended audience. >> thanks, matt. >> more protester clashes with police over the controversial dakota access pipeline.
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pepper sprayed protesters on the standing rock indian reservation. the protestors have been using a make-shift wooden bridge. authority, though, began arresting anyone who crossed on criminal trespassing charges t. army core of engineers is looking to see if they can alleviate their concerns. >> how some u.s. companies are helping to turn out the vote for election day. you are watching "early today. " are watching "early toda o seize the savings on medicare part d. from one-dollar copays on select plans to rewards points on all prescriptions, it's easy to save big at walgreens. ?? just stop by walgreens. ?? then sit back and enjoy the savings.
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. >> well some back, everyone, the fed sets the rate for the hike and which companies are taking election day off? >> lisa, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, morning, yes, the fed did absolutely nothing yesterday, which was broadly continue to see strengthening scenarios out there. it's simply increasing the possibility that we could be looking at a december rate hike a. lot of analysts asking what will change between now and december. they have been gearing up to december being the day it all could happen the month it all could happen. they're not predicting their low inflation near term. there are two defenses this month as opposed to the three we
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they're completely revamping their app. we will be locking at arrival time predictions and up front pricing as well. no big surprises off get to your destination. you get an e-mail saying you will get a million dollars. >> that won't happen longer t. pool, apparently 40% of san francisco already do. get out and vote. we hear that up to election day. you are busy. you got the kid. you into ed to play basketball, things whole movements, they're now taking steps to make people get out there and vote giving them paid time off or the entire time off, especially the tech companies are doing that. gm and spotify, it seems like more and more companies are following in this track. >> lisa, thank you so much. just ahead, why you would be seeing a little extra facial hair from a few of us. plus all the highlights from
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women these days, some men get and bono is one of those guys, like the old saying, in front of every great woman stand a guy who praelly gets it. >> breaking all kind of barriers. so funny. they did that last night, too. they hosted the country's biggest night at the annual cma award. of course, they couldn't avoid talking about the election. yeah. >> all carrie. but what i think doesn't really matter, because this show is rigged. >> no. >> bigley. >> no, no, it's not, brad, but the people need to know, will you expect tonight's results? >> yes. if i win. >> you are not even nominated. >> then, no, you're a nasty woman. >> so great they got it. and then beyonce, she made her
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help with the dixie chicks. she performed from her limitedal pull. chris stapleton and carrie underwood, miami and female artist of the year, garth books, big entertainer of the year. when it comes to the cma, it's all carrie underwood. >> she is doing well. november is here, an annual event known as no shame november. aimed to not shave for the full month. they can raise money for charity and mental health issues, finally people participated. the organization, itself, raised $710, a really good cause, i'm participating. a lot of our colleagues as well on the "today" show. make sure you follow that.
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